The Arizona Care Hospice Foundation

Arizona Care Hospice Foundation’s mission is to enhance the community’s knowledge of hospice and enrich the quality of life of those facing a life-limiting illness, by assisting with essential needs & wishes to make lasting memories for both patients and their loved ones.

Families often ask how they can give to Arizona Care Hospice in return for the wonderful care provided for their loved ones. Donations are gratefully appreciated to extend compassionate care to patients and families who lack the financial resources to receive hospice care. Your gift can help to give patients and families this precious time together at life’s end.

It is important to understand that hospice is not a place; hospice care can be provided in any location the person calls home. Hospice is a philosophy of care that focuses on managing the symptoms associated with a life-limiting illness and promoting dignity, comfort and quality of life for the patient, while supporting the patient’s loved ones and caregivers throughout the course of the illness and beyond.

Ways that donations are often used:

  • Clothing purchased for patients
  • Home maintenance for patients that lack the financial ability (repairs, extermination of pests, installing safety equipment and more)
  • Hotel stays for loved ones that live out of the area
  • Day trips for fulfilling last wishes
  • Resources that bring comfort to hospice patients (special food items or other goods that promote quality of life)
  • Raising awareness about end-of-life programs by collaborating with community partners
  • Transportation
  • Paying for those that do not have an insurance paid hospice benefit
  • Educational materials
  • Emergency assistance

How to Donate

Arizona Care Hospice Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity. This means that your donation is tax deductible. Known donors are provided with a receipt for their donation, for tax purposes.

Donations can be made by check, payable to Arizona Care Hospice Foundation and dropped off or mailed to:

Arizona Care Hospice Foundation
12035 N. Saguaro Blvd., Suite 101
Fountain Hills, Arizona 85268

Do you have questions around the many benefits of hospice care?

We’re here for you 24/7 and we’d love to talk. Contact the office closest to you.