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Choosing Arizona Care Hospice means making a choice for an alternative to hospitalization; a choice that affirms life, neither hastens nor postpones death, and supports patients and patient families. A choice for hospice regards dying as a normal process at life’s end; one that allows for dignity and comfort for our patients.

Hospice Basics

Hospice is a care option for people coping with a life-limiting illness or disease when curing the illness or disease is no longer a realistic option. The illness may no longer be responding to curative treatment, or the treatment may be making the person too ill to enjoy the time remaining.

It is essential to understand that hospice is not a place; hospice care can be provided in any location the person calls home. Hospice is a philosophy of care that focuses on managing the symptoms associated with a life-limiting illness and promoting dignity, comfort, and quality of life for the patient while supporting the patient’s loved ones and caregivers throughout the disease and beyond.

Supplies & Services

For those that are eligible for hospice services; hospice provides a team of hospice experienced staff to meet the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of the patient and their loved ones. 

Additionally, hospice will provide the medications, medical equipment, disposable and medical supplies related to the life-limiting illness, comfort and related conditions.

Hospice Eligibility

You are coping with a life-limiting illness that is no longer responding to curative treatment

You and your physician have made a decision to seek comfort care, not curative treatment

A hospice physician certifies that if your illness runs its normal course without any aggressive treatment, your life expectancy is 6 months or less

The Hospice Team

Primary Physician

Oversees your medical care, if you choose to have them remain involved

Hospice Physician

• Works with the hospice team as a consult and resource
• Provides expertise in pain and symptom control
• Visits you at home and provides medical interventions as needed


• Assesses and manages your symptoms and medications
• Educates about proper use of medications, care needs, and changes in your condition
• Orders medical equipment and supplies as needed

Social Worker

• Counsels you and your family for coping with emotional, social, and financial stressors
• Links you to community resources
• Assists with caregiver and placement needs

Home Health Aide

Provides personal care such as bathing, shaving, dressing, and changing linens

Chaplain/Spiritual Counselor

• Provides emotional & spiritual counseling for patients and families
• Serves as a liaison between you and your faith community
• Conducts funerals and memorial services as requested


• Provides companionship and emotional support
• Gives respite time to caregiver
• Bereavement support

Bereavement Support

A bereavement counselor and trained volunteers offer ongoing emotional support to surviving loved ones for a minimum of thirteen months following the death of a person receiving hospice

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